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Horizontal Tastings

Horizontal Tastings

So what is a horizontal tasting anyway?

A horizontal tasting has only wines from the same vintage. In addition, the wines included have something more in common. For example, the wines are often all from the same region. For example, you could compare the different Cabernet Sauvignons made by Beaulieu Vineyard Napa Cabernet, the Beringer Sonoma Cabernet & the Smith & Hook from the Central Coast. Generally, the wines do come from the same general region or else the vintage characteristics can be quite different.

There are no absolute rules for what wines can be included in a single vintage horizontal, but we will come up with a fun group of wines that have something in common.

This  special 1 1/2 hour class will be held at the School — offered on demand  — note that the per person cost is dependent on the wine selection

For more information or to set up a class, call Tim O’Hare
at 443-392-6067 or email:

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