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Pop Goes the Vino!

Pop Goes the Vino!

When food and wine are tasted together there will be a reaction, either positive or negative. More often than not food is the culprit for why many food & wine pairings don’t go well together. Think about if you’ve ever brushed your teeth with tooth paste and then drank a glass of orange juice, yikes! For most of us this pairing does not work well, so it is with many food & wine pairings. In this class we will explore what works and what doesn’t with regards to food & wine pairings.

We will use 4 simple ingredients (pop corn) and 4 wines to show how wine & food can be enjoyed together by either contrasting or complementing each other’s flavors, textures, and varietal characteristics

At the conclusion of this class participants will have a better idea of how wine and food can complement each other or not. Having completed this session attendees can feel confident about ordering a wine at a restaurant or family & friends’ gatherings and know that their selection will make the evening both enjoyable and eventful.  Bon appetite!

This Wine 101 class will be held at the School  —  TBA  —  6:30 – 8:00 PM

The Charm City Wine School is now offering Wine 101 Classes that spans the vino globe. These fun & informative classes feature 3 to 4 wines featuring New World and Old-World Wines. Classes are $35 per person and you will enjoy & experience wines from the most important wine regions.  Each class is 1½ hour in duration and light hors d’oeuvres are served along with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine to get things started.

Or for more information, contact Tim O’Hare
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